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Aecht Schlenkerla - Rauchbier Marzen (500ml)

Country: GermanyType: Rauchbier ABV:  5.1%Bamberg’s speciality, a dark, bottom fermented s..


Brasserie de la Senne/Cambridge - "Narrenvat" Sour Brown Ale (750ml)

Country: Belgium Type: Sour Red/Brown AleABV:  5.80%Narrenvat is the result of a collabora..


Brasserie Fantome - Saison (750ml)

Country: Belgium Type: SaisonABV:  8.0% This is a tremendously delicious, textural, a..


Brew By Numbers - "22/01" Cuvee 2017 (750ml)

Country: England Type:  SaisonABV:  6.2% A blend of red wine barrel aged saison ..


Brouwerij Huyghe - Delirium "Red" (750ml)

Country: Belgium Type: Fruit Beer  ABV:  8.00% Colour and sight: Deep dark red c..


Brouwerij Huyghe - Delirium "Tremens" (750ml)

Country: Belgium Type: Belgian Strong Ale  ABV:  8.5% Launched on December 26th ..


Brouwerij Lindemans - Cassis Lambic (750ml)

Country: Belgium Type: Lambic/Fruit Beer  ABV:  3.5% Is it a sparkling wine or a..


Brouwerij Lindemans - Framboise Lambic (750ml)

Country: Belgium Type: Lambic/Fruit Beer  ABV:  2.5% A clean natural tasting bre..


Brouwerij Lindemans - Kriek Lambic (750ml)

Country: Belgium Type: Lambic/Fruit Beer  ABV:  3.5% In order to obtain a beer l..


Brouwerij Rodenbach - "Classic" Sour Red Ale (9oz)

Country: Belgium Type: Sour Red/Brown Ale ABV:  5.20% RODENBACH is the unique &a..


Brouwerij Rodenbach - "Grand Cru" Sour Red Ale (9oz)

Country: Belgium Type: Sour Red/Brown Ale ABV:  6.00% This is an aged Belgian re..


Cervesera del Montseny - "Mala Vida" Imperial Stout with Chili (12oz.)

Country: Spain Type: Imperial Stout ABV:  11.00%Chili Imperial Stout.Robust, dense &a..


Chimay - Blue "Grande Reserve" (750ml)

Country: Belgium Type: Belgian Strong Ale ABV:  9.0% Chimay Blue is principally distinguished by its..


Chimay - Red "Premiere" (750ml)

Country: Belgium Type: Abbey Dubbel  ABV:  7.0% Chimay Blue is principally disti..


De Dolle - "Boskeun" Belgian Golden Ale (11oz.)

Country: Belgium Type: Belgian Strong Golden Ale ABV:  10.00% Boskeun is the nic..


De Dolle - "Dulle Teve" Tripel (12oz.)

Country: Belgium Type: Abbey Trippel ABV:  10.00% De Dulle Teve is brewed in the..


De Dolle Brouwers - Oerbier (330ml)

Country: Belgium Type: Belgian Strong Ale  ABV:  9.0%Oerbier means original, from the spring. This b..


De Struise Brouwers - "Black Albert" Imperial Stout 2016 (11.2 oz.)

Country: Belgium Type: Imperial Stout ABV:  13.00%This Belgian Royal Stout was brewed..


Die Hochland Imker - "Honey Dew" Mead (500ml)

Country: Austria Type: Mead ABV:  11.50%Our bees collect honey dew in the spruce and ..


Dr. Pescia - "Idromele - Nettare di Bacco" Barrel-Aged Mead (500ml)

Country: Italy Type: Mead ABV:  14.50%Nettare di Bacco is our HydromelFor its product..


Dugges - "Coffee Vanilla Black" Imperial Stout (12oz.)

Country: SwedenType: Imperial Stout ABV:  14.00%This flavored beer is a layered dream! It’..


Ellezelloise - "Hercule" Stout (11.2 oz.)

Country: Belgium Type: Imperial Stout    ABV:  9.0%The only self-proclaimed ‘Belgian stout’ – 9% by ..


Hitachino - "Nest" Espresso Stout (11.2 oz.)

Country: Japan Type: Stout   ABV:  7.5%Caramel, roasted, black and chocolate malts provide an explos..


LoverBeer - "Beer Brugna" Barrel-Aged Sour w/ Plums 2016 (375ml)

Country: Italy Type: Sour/Wild AleABV:  6.20% This beer is inocculated by wild yeasts..


Orval - Trappist Ale (11.2oz)

Country: Belgium Type: Belgian Ale  ABV:  6.9%In contrast to all the others, the Orva..


Oud Beersel - "Green Walnut" Lambic with Green Walnut (750ml)

Country: Belgium Type: Lambic ABV:  6.00% Oud Beersel Green Walnut is a blend of..


St. Bernardus Brouwerij - Pater 6 (12oz.)

Country: Belgium Type: Abbey Dubbel ABV:  6.70% Pater 6 is a traditional abbey s..


Trappistes Rochefort - #10 (11.2oz)

Country: Belgium Type: Abt/Quad ABV:  11.30%Dominant impressions of latte coffee with..


Trappistes Rochefort - #6 (11.2oz)

Country: Belgium Type: Abbey Dubbel  ABV:  7.5%Rochefort 6 (red cap, brown beer,..


Trappistes Rochefort - #8 (11.2oz)

Country: Belgium Type: Belgian Strong Dark AleABV:  9.2%Originally called "Spécial," Roche..


Trois Dames/Six Point - "Jalapenos" Raspberry Double (750ml)

Country: SwitzerlandType: Belgian Ale ABV:  6.5% Raphael Mettler met Peter and Heathe..


Weihenstephaner - Hefe Weissbier (500ml)

Country: GermanyType: German HefeweizenABV:  5.4%Nothing refreshes you more than this naturally..